Biodegradable fashion.

I love a quality fabric but I have concerns when deciding how to create a product, a big one is what is the most sustainable (biodegradable) and wearable fabrics?

Especially now when the conversation about sustainability in fashion is getting louder.

Fashion when it is worn right, can add to a sense of identity, and help develop your STYLE.

Bamboo seems to be the perfect option. The natural fibres of the Bamboo are reinforced and blended with Bamboo-derived Rayon, which is extracted from the Bamboo using a slightly different process. The end result is a strong, durable fabric that’s as resistant to wear as any Synthetic. And as long as it has not under gone toxic ink processes it is totally compostable,

Or there is silk, a tactile lux fabric which is kind to your skin and your hair if wearing it around your hair is your thing. it has a mixed environmental impact. It is a natural fibre and will biodegrade. Mulberry trees that sustain most silkworms require few pesticides or fertilisers, can be grown organically and require less water than cotton

I like the light breathable qualities of Muslin, it is sustainable if organic and if no polyester is added. It has a raw quality and matt earthy finish.

The big problem is finding printers interested in being held to these principles.

The sight of a littered street feels me with dread let alone a world full of all the carless things I’ve bought over my life time hanging around for ever, but what is life without the things you enjoy around you, can we have them both?