The love of Design or making money

The love of Design or making money or is that too cynical? what ideally drives success?

It has seemed to me when deciding on a product you have to consider wether your willing to compromise your vision in the name of making money

Or do you soldier on with your vision and hope you find your audience, which is a task in it self and what if it’s not fuelled by a stead fast confidence and The skills to build a bond that keeps that audience coming back time and again.

What if you can not find your audience

Especially now when the conversation about sustainability in fashion is getting louder.

I think It’s been true for awhile now that fashion has been swallowing it self. Nothing new just a constant rehash of a few key trends, and the ubiquitous floral. From a surface pattern design point of view certain trends, example animal print would take a couple of years at least, before it would rear its head again, more like every year now. As a result we are loosing those wonderful defined eras of style like, the 20s 60s 80s etc

50s style jellyfish

I guess in the end all you can do is follow your creativity and try to make something of every idea.