camera bag

Hello, hoping all is well.

As a surface pattern designer I sell the digital format as a freelancer through an agent

and I also sell products. through different outlets

one such outlet is Contrado

Contrado Imaging Ltd is a London-based company founded in 2002.

Contrado means to assemble and deliver, which they’ve been doing since inception as a one-stop production facility.

Specialising in making quality, custom products on demand, they enable creatives to build brands,

offer unique products and give consumers the chance to find exclusive, exceptional designer products. Each order is carefully handmade inside their facility, often within 24 hours

I have products I’ve design to sell with them and one of them is this camera bag.

The Camera bag black, white and green The geometric blocks in a symmetrical pattern, adds visual balance in classic black and white with a touch of colour provided by calming green.


Available from this link.