Art nouveau style

Hi all, I hope this new year is treating you well. Here with one of my latest designs and a bit about my thought process. As with any design, it’s nice to look back to design eras. I favour art deco and art nouveau The pop Botanical I worked on last. felt right for the … Continue reading Art nouveau style

Greeting card selling at Etsy the greeting card   afrocentric based on time in St Lucia

northern renaissance

Hi I have always admired the works of the Northern renaissance, especially the still lives of the Dutch. Flowers in particular. They have been inspiration for textile design recently. so when the project came about to develop a design using my own unique style i jumped at it. My first decision was to brighten things … Continue reading northern renaissance


Hello,  over the summer I spent a lot of time at a Camley street nature park  near to my home in Camden, London. It's a great place for  taking photos of plants, not just because of the many flowers. The way sunlight is filtered though the reeds all around the large pond and then reflected … Continue reading Rococo

layered heart

Good old Photoshop what would I do with out you, I'd miss out on creating new depth, for my designs to live up to. I have taken the same heart detail from the fragile heart placement I published a short time ago. I came up with this asymmetric design, this is it in repeat

My fragile heart

Hello. In my last post I talked about mary ward centre and the course I am undertaking in digital textiles using Adobe photoshop. following up from that I wanted to share a piece designed from research for my first project, the first item is of a votive offering in the shape of a heart, I … Continue reading My fragile heart

Never give up, it’s such a wonderful life

On the surface is about re-discovering a lost love for surface pattern design, though my research of others in the field. My own contributions, plus it history and future. My name is Tracy Antoine. I took my first steps toward surface pattern in 1993, when I studied surface pattern design for textiles, in fashion and … Continue reading Never give up, it’s such a wonderful life