camera bag

Hello, hoping all is well. As a surface pattern designer I sell the digital format as a freelancer through an agent and I also sell products. through different outlets one such outlet is Contrado Contrado Imaging Ltd is a London-based company founded in 2002. Contrado means to assemble and deliver, which they've been doing since … Continue reading camera bag

Scarves are what I’m about…

why? I imagine your ask, well fashion design was my aim. once upon a time... but One day a wise tutor said to me "you seem to have a flair for form and colour that would be be suited to surface print. At which point I realised all my fashion design, featured heavily patterned materials. … Continue reading Scarves are what I’m about…

Biodegradable fashion.

I love a quality fabric but I have concerns when deciding how to create a product, a big one is what is the most sustainable (biodegradable) and wearable fabrics? Especially now when the conversation about sustainability in fashion is getting louder. Fashion when it is worn right, can add to a sense of identity, and … Continue reading Biodegradable fashion.

Give Thanks

following on from the votive offerings I love to work with so much I have  developed a simple collection designed to be used for interiors. Related articles Infinitas Gracias: Mexican miracle paintings at the Wellcome Collection (