Art nouveau style

Hi all, I hope this new year is treating you well. Here with one of my latest designs and a bit about my thought process. As with any design, it’s nice to look back to design eras. I favour art deco and art nouveau The pop Botanical I worked on last. felt right for the … Continue reading Art nouveau style

Decorative Border

MOROCCAN TILE PATTERNS / PAISLEY BORDERS / ETHNIC GEOMETRIC EDGINGS / PERSIAN RUG PATTERNS / INDIENNE SHAWL LAYOUTS / ARABESQUE BORDER DESIGNS after research and development design ideas and geo ethnic shapes finished design available from Patternbank uses for this idea...

Rosey Grier

NFL FOOTBALLER Rosey Grier in the 70s, produced this awesome book on needlepoint Self portraits, flowers nothing is off limit, when it comes to needlepoint for this a man. Loving it

Scarves are what I’m about…

why? I imagine your ask, well fashion design was my aim. once upon a time... but One day a wise tutor said to me "you seem to have a flair for form and colour that would be be suited to surface print. At which point I realised all my fashion design, featured heavily patterned materials. … Continue reading Scarves are what I’m about…

Greeting card selling at Etsy the greeting card   afrocentric based on time in St Lucia

Kimono dragon

Hi there. it’s time for me to think about some commercial designs, which I try do for pattern-bank Studios when I am not designing for my Etsy collection A couple of times a year, retailers like Next and H and M are thinking about the surface pattern designs for the collections that are coming together … Continue reading Kimono dragon

Exuberant bloom

Exuberant bloom SS 21is all about bold flowering, stalk like plants. Folky graphic motifs. The inspiration for this design is the holly hock in our garden, having grown to nearly 6 feet now it. Spring up through a steam line geo shapes. #design #patterndesign #plants #folkpattern #surfacepatterndesign #patternbank #patternbankdesigner Commercial pattern design

Night of the scorpion

Night of the scorpion, surface pattern design for menswear, there is a current fashion trend for florals with dark back grounds and another for insects.  This design is a combination of the two ideas.  I used the Scorpion because its curved body is a great shape to create the the links with in the repeat … Continue reading Night of the scorpion


Hello, On our course this week we were asked to design tiles,  first thing to pop into my head were those fantastically generic tiles in white, that can be found in every modern  build the length and breath of the UK. but then given some time to consider my choices, my mind was taken to … Continue reading Tile